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Are you interseted in flying? Do you want to experience world from a different perspective? Then the introductory flight on our four-seat US Cessna 172 is the right choice. Just consult the route with pilot and fly up to the sky. Or let us inspire you by our favorite circuits listed below. These include e.g. sightseeing flight over Macha lake, Bezděz castle, Liberec city, Ještěd tower, Sloup rock castle or for example Šluknov promontory or Děčín area. Fly over the corners of the Macha region, Lusatian or Jizera Mountains or Bohemian Switzerland. Everything is so close-by.




If you already own air ticket or gift voucher, or you may want to see free flight slots, click on the button below. You can also pay in cash on place after the flight. We fly on weekends, approximately from April to September. If it is not possible to fly on your ordered date (weather, operational reasons), we will offer you an alternate option. Outside our operating hours flights are only possible by prior agreement.









After agreement with our pilot you can choose your own route or you may be inspired by our most popular sightseeing circuits:





Where can we take-off?

We normally fly from public airport LADA Česká Lípa (LKCE) where we have our seasonal service and client base. However, by prior arrangement, we can depart from any public airport in Europe.

How many of us can or must fly, how will we sit, what about hand luggage?

The aircraft can accommodate maximum of 3 passengers (adults or children), one seat in the front right next to the pilot (overlooking the instrument panel) and two seats in the rear. Each seat is equipped with a two-point seat belt. In case of nausea there are sick-bags on board. You can put your hand luggage in separate luggage compartment at the back of the fuselage. Of course, only one or two passengers can fly, provided they pay the remaining vacancies.

Which flight route can I choose?

Basically any. You can consult desired route with our pilot before the flight. Upon agreement with pilot you can modify route during the flight as well. If you want to plan your own route yourself count on the cruising speed of the aircraft of 150 - 160 km/h.

When should I book my flight?

You can make a reservation at the above contacts at any time or directly on the flight reservation link (click on red button above). Ideally about a week before your required flight date. If you have already booked a flight we will contact you in case of flight cancellation (e.g. weather conditions, operational reasons). Unfortunately, we will not affect the weather, so do not be sad if your flight is canceled, you will offered an alternative date.

When, how much and how will I pay?

You pay in cash after the flight, according to the actual flight time (120 CZK / min). If you have a prepaid voucher (gift vouchers, air ticket) and you decide to extend the flight, you will also pay the difference in cash after the flight.

Are there any restrictions?

Due to the limitation of the maximum take-off weight of the aircraft, the sum of the weight of all three passengers is set at a maximum of 240 kg. At the same time, the individual passenger's weight limit of 110 kg applies. Your medical fitness must be appropriate for this activity. We also do not refuse disabled fellow citizens on wheelchairs. Passengers must not be under the obvious influence of alcohol, drugs or other narcotics.

What are the conditions for children?

Children also have no special restrictions. They have their own seat. There are two child seats on board for a better view. Parents are advised to consider the participation of very small children so that the flight is a pleasure and not a suffering for them. We recommend a suitable age from about 3 years, but we leave the decision to you.

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