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ICAO English exam


Is an oral exam for pilots who intend to fly abroad, except territory of Czech and Slovak Republic. Exam is conducted exclusively in English language. Both spoken and aviation English have to be assessed. Candidate must meet criteria given by Part-FCL.055 (a) - (c) document. I.e. ability to understand spoken language, ability to speak and react to both standard and nonstandard situations that may arise in air operations.   


Exam structure


  • small talk
  • listening of 2 authentic aviation related audio recordings followed by 3 questions to each recording
  • interview with examiners - 3 questions aimed to professional situations related to medical, in-flight situations, passengers announcements, ATC and ground staff communication
  • aviation associated picture description and 2 related questions

Exam duration


  • 30 minutes


Exam evaluation and validity


  • exam result is provided in a short while after examination
  • evaluation scale according to ICAO 1-6
  • ICAO level 4 is a minimum level required for successful candidates
  • successful candidate receives certificate on the basis of which ICAO English level obtained will be endorsed by CAA/LAA to his/her pilot licence with following validity:

  • ICAO level 4 - valid 4 years
  • ICAO level 5 - valid 6 years
  • ICAO level 6 - valid permanently


Exam price


  • 100 EUR VAT incl.


Exam location


  • Ceska Lipa airfield (LKCE), Sky Office hangar facility
  • Sky Office main office - Velke Prilepy - Prague West


For free slots please contact us and indicate required term. We will confirm your date or we will offer another one. 






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